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I enjoy making maps of the computer role playing games I have played. Sometimes I will make the map on graph paper and then redo it using a paint program. Other times I will use a screen capture program to collect many screens then paste them together to make a larger map. Below are the fruits of my efforts for you to enjoy.

The compass rose above was scanned from the Mapamundi of 1375.

Maps of Eodon from Savage Empire by Origin.

Eodon Valley(127K)

Eodon Valley with caves(134K)

Caves as programmed(5K)

Map of Britannia from Ultima7 Part 1 by Origin.

Britannia(1,933K) - (3072 x 3072 pixels).

Britannia smaller map (539K) - (1536 x 1536 pixels).

Map of Serpent Isle from Ultima7 Part 2 by Origin.

Serpent Isle(1,755K) - (3072 x 3072 pixels).

Serpent Isle smaller map (500K) - (1536 x 1536 pixels).

Map of Swords of Xeen by New World Computing.

Swords of Xeen did not come with a printed world map as did the previous Might & Magic games so I made this one.

Swords of Xeen world(236K)

Maps of Prophecy of the Shadow by SSI.


Abraxus' Tomb (47K)

Larkin's Workshop, Hideout, Larf's Tower (123K)

Crypt in desert(32K)

Granite Sewers(26K)

Grotto (136K)

Hall of Mages(101K)

Land of Ylowinn(466K)


Temple of Malice(72K)

Silver Mines (27K)

Path through Swamp(19K)

Tethe's Castle(148K)

Tethe's Dungeon(61K)

Torlok's Cave(106K)

Maps of Crusaders of the Dark Savant by Sir-Tech.


Dark Forest (5K)

Dark Forest Dungeon(5K)

Dionyseeus (5K)

Dionyseeus - New City Road(4K)

Eryn River (5K)

Giantlands (4K)

Greater Wilds (3K)

Isle of Crypts - Top Levels(5K)

Isle of Crypts Maze - Levels 1-8 (5K)

Isle of Crypts Maze - Levels 1-2 (14K)

Isle of Crypts Maze - Levels 3-4 (16K)

Isle of Crypts Maze - Levels 5-6 (14K)

Isle of Crypts Maze - Levels 7-8 (14K)

Isle of Crypts -Bottom Level (3K)

Lesser Wilds (3K)

Munkharama (5K)

New City (5K)

New City Dungeons(5K)

New City - Eryn River(3K)

Nyetalinth (4K)

Nyetalinth Caverns(3K)

Nyetalinth - Dionyseeus Road (5K)

Nyetalinth - Rattkin Road(5K)

Orkogre Castle(4K)

Orkogre Forest (5K)

Rattkin Ruins(6K)

Rattkin Funhouse(11K)

South of Brombadian Bay(5K)

Sea of Sorrows (11K)

Sky City (4K)

Ukpyr (4K)

Ukpyr Mountain & Tramontane Forest (6K)

Witch Mountain(5K)

Maps of ?

? (?K)

If there are any older games you would like to see maps for, please email me. I have over 600 pre-Win95 games for the MS-DOS computer.

For scans of the original maps that came with all the Ultima games visit:

The High Resolution Ultima Map Project

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